Make a plan

Determine a method to organize your coursework

1. Planner - Your typical page-turning tool, perfect for a week-to-week view of your classes

2. CAPSS Academic Planner - See the whole semester at a glance, and easily see which weeks are going to require the most work

Download (PDF, 364KB)

3. Electronic or web-based planner - Provides all of your assignment details as long as a computer is close.  This is helpful when a reminder system works best.  Here are a couple free options to look into:


Google Calandar logo






Look at the syllabus for each class you are taking

1. Use your planner to mark down every assignment, exam, quiz, project, or paper on its given due date for the entire semester.

2. Use a different color code for each class you are taking.

Color coded planner

Make a key at the top so you know your colors

Assess the semester from a “big picture” perspective

1. Which class seems to require the most daily work?

2. Are there any days that have multiple projects due at the same time?

3. What are the big weeks with exams that will need extra time to prepare for?

4. Which classes can you prioritize base on how many credits they are?


Next Steps

1. What will you do at the beginning of each day, week, and quad to stay up to date with your work?

It helps to give yourself extra small deadlines on bigger projects.  Mark them on your planner, and be accountable to someone for those dates.

2. Where will you keep your planning system?

It depends on what system you chose.  Some prefer that the electronic version can go anywhere, and others like having a set location for their semester calendar.

3. How are you collecting course materials (handouts, notes, study guides)?

Binders work well because they separate your classes and keep your handouts in one easy-to-manage location.  The key is to stick with a system and be consistent.

binder with folders

Color systems work well!


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