Goal Setting

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Goal setting "define your direction"

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You set the scale of time, but examples could include the following:

1. Short-term –  things you would like to accomplish in a semester length of time

2. Long-term – goals applicable until your college graduation, or 5-10 years into the future

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Stop watch vs Calendar



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Your goals in both the short and long term should be characterized by the acronym SMART.




S – Specific – Your goal should be as descriptive as possible, utilizing the classic questions of, “who, what, where, when, why, and how.”

M – Measurable – By the end of your time frame, what metrics will you use to say you accomplished your goal.  Data is the key here.

A – Achievable – This should be a measure of how reasonable it is to accomplish your goal.  Set the bar high enough to challenge and grow yourself.

R -Relevant – Your goal should pertain to the bigger picture of where you want your life to go in connection with God’s will.

T – Time-bound – Set an end date for when you want the goal to be accomplished.

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Use this worksheet to practice writing out some of your goals.  Remember, they can be in any area of your life—academic, spiritual, relationships, physical, etc.  Here are a few examples, and non-examples, of goal writing.

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NOT SMART: I want to get better grades.

SMART: By the end of this semester, I want to improve my GPA by 0.5 by using the ALPHA Center for my papers and finding a tutor for my Biology class at the beginning of the semester.


NOT SMART:  I’m going to get involved at my church.

SMART:  By the end of this year, I will join a small group that meets on Wednesdays at church and attend 90% of the weeks.  On Sundays I will become a leader for 3rd-grade student ministries.


NOT SMART: I’m going to run a marathon

SMART:  I will run the Twin Cities marathon in 3 hours 45 minutes, by using the training program offered by the Shoreview Community Center that meets every week from now to the marathon date.


Runner in the snow
How will you reach your goals?