5 Finals Week Tips

Finals week: a time where students are notoriously over-caffeinated, sleep deprived, and stressed. But how can can you avoid these unhealthy stereotypes of finals week? Here are some health and study tips that will bring you through finals week with your sanity intact.



Commonly overlooked, sleep is THE MOST important thing to do during this crazy time. A brain without sleep has a significantly decreased concentration and memory function than a brain well-rested.

DO NOT PULL ALL-NIGHTERS! The night before a presentation or exam you should be getting at least 7.5 hours of sleep.

Read about here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-robert-oexman/all-nighters_b_1501263.html 

2. Eat well.


A well-nourished brain is important when you are frantically trying to shove information in your memory. Here is an article by USA Today with a list of brain boosting foods like broccoli, nuts, and yes, CHOCOLATE.


3. Utilize your resources.

ALPHA artwork

Got a final paper? Take a visit to the Alpha Center on 4th floor Nazareth Hall! Having a hard time understanding a concept? Contact your professor and/or teacher’s assistant and attend study sessions! Overwhelmed and unorganized? Visit the CAPSS Lab (N4228) for assistance in organization and study strategies!

4. Have diversity in your study methods.


Studying for your finals chronologically is a common route to studying. However, your brain is likely to only remember what you started and ended with.

Make sure you are rotating your subjects and changing the way you look at the material. An example of changing a study method could be converting a text into a concept map or flow chart.

5. PRAY.


Finals week is a busy time for all, but make sure you continue to prioritize your time with the LORD. Lean into God and He will sustain you!