This page has many of the tools that you need to help make you a successful writer! This includes:

  • ECE (Editing Competency Exam) preparation
  • Citation Formation help
  • ALPHA writing tutor appointments

Scroll down to find what you need.


Standardized testECE Preparation 

ECE Prep

This links you to a page that explains what the ECE is and why you need to pass it. It also offers practice tests to make sure that you pass it.




Citation Formation Help

Do you struggle with citations? Instead of using EasyBib, have Word format the citation for you! Here are some links to help you learn how to use word to format citations.

Word 2007 & 2010

Word 2013 & 2016

If you use these formatting tools, remember to double-check them. Purdue Owl is a good site to double check APA/MLA formatting with. Also remember that the librarians at the BRC are pros at citations, and they are just waiting around to help you!

Do you have a specific style that you need to cite? Try the page linked below to get all the resources you need for that specific style.

Citation Styles


1_Y1zZK3fLQN54kseJEnowUw  ALPHA Writing Tutor Appointment

  Still need help with writing? Bring a paper from any class to the ALPHA center, and they will proofread it with you! They are located on 4th floor      Naz, and they proofread for content and grammar. Interested? Make an appointment by clicking the link belowOr call 651-631-3316 for more        information.

[aio_button align=”center” animation=”pulse” color=”gray” size=”small” icon=”calendar” text=”ALPHA Center Appointment Scheduler” relationship=”dofollow” url=”https://nwc.mywconline.com/index.php?auth=no&resume=%2Fschedule.php “]