Supplemental Instruction



What is supplemental instruction (SI)?

Supplemental instruction is a peer-facilitated academic support program that is paired with traditionally challenging courses.  SI includes certain essential elements that distinguish it from other academic resources on campus

  1. SI sessions are peer-facilitated.  The SI Leader (student leader) has either successfully completed the course or has demonstrated the content knowledge necessary to lead these sessions.  He/She has also received thorough training for this role.
  2. The SI Leader attends the targeted class lectures as a model student
  3. SI sessions integrate content and learning strategies.  You won’t just be learning WHAT TO LEARN, you’ll also be learning HOW TO LEARN during these sessions.
  4. SI Leaders receive continual training throughout the semester

How can I benefit from attending SI study sessions?

1) SI sessions are proactive and participatory – helping to facilitate learning

2) Students earn higher grades while learning effective study skills

3) Si makes efficient use of study time – study smarter, not harder!

How often would I have to go?

SI sessions are all voluntary.  However, the more often you attend the bigger impact you will see with your learning.  Study sessions will typically be scheduled multiple times each week, and will be focused on recent material that was just presented in class.  SI sessions are set up in line with a study strategy that is referred to as spaced practice.  Read more about spaced practice here.

What should I expect when I come to an SI session?

  1. Bring your book(s) and notes.  Leaders plan activities under the assumption that students will have these materials
  2. The SI Leader does NOT re-lecture material from class or teach new information.  The purpose of the SI sessions are to provide students with the tools they need to understand and process the material themselves.  Going to SI does NOT replace going to class.
  3. Expect the SI Leader to be prepared and plan something to organize the time.  Leaders come to the session with a plan to cover specific content from class.  If student’s have questions about material not related to the Leader’s plan, it is up to the Leader’s judgement whether or not to incorporate that material.
  4. Be ready to talk to your classmates.  This is a key component of SI.  We want students teaching other students!
  5. SI is the place to make mistakes.  We all know we can learn from our mistakes, and SI is the perfect place to do that.  You’re never graded on anything you do in SI, so it won’t hurt your GPA.  Also, when you make a mistake in an SI session, it gives you and your classmates a chance to work through the problem and come up with a better answer for the exam.

How much does it cost?

It costs nothing extra to you as the student!


Still have questions? Contact CAPSS!       651-628-3241