PAC: Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be a PAC?  Any student who has a GPA at or above 2.75 and has at least sophomore standing is eligible to be a Peer Academic Coach.

How long am I committing to this?   We only ask for a 1 semester commitment as we know student schedules can change drastically from the fall to the spring.

What is the time commitment for the semester?  As a PAC, you will have a 1 hour training session at the beginning of the semester.  You are also committing to a 30 minute meeting weekly with your student (this includes submitting a brief recap of your meeting on the Moodle site for PAC)

Can I work with more than 1 student?  Yes.  If you are interested, please let the PSP Program Manager know.

What is expected of me during the meetings with my student?  Do lots of listening and asking questions.  Be an encourager.  Provide academic accountability.  Connect the student to resources as needed.  Pray for them!

What should a weekly meeting look like?  1) Go over the previous weeks goals (provide accountability/encouragement)  2) Discuss relevant academic topics based on the students situation (time management, procrastination, etc…)  3) Set new goals for the next week