How to Study


Have you ever studied something for hours but still gone to the test feeling unprepared? Chances are you haven’t found the studying style that works best for you. These tips and strategies will give you a starting place to learn how you can study smarter, not harder. Soon you’ll be making study guides, taking notes, and acing quizzes in a way that is comfortable and, dare I say, enjoyable.

Check out the links below for specific tips.


Spaced Practice: Tired of cramming the night before? Learn how to schedule your study time so that you can study more efficiently and stop pulling so many all-nighters.

Retrieval Practice: Do you forget everything as soon as the test is over? These tips will help you recall information during a test and remember the next day!

Note-Taking: Proper note-taking can reduce studying time. Review these strategies to find the one that will be the most successful for you.

Memorization: Ah, a constant frustration for every college student. These tips and strategies will make memorizing information for your next test a little more enjoyable and a lot more successful.

Reading Tips: How are you going to get through 200 pages of reading every night? By checking out these amazing tips on how to get the most meaning out of your reading.

Test-Taking: Take a deep breath. You can be prepared for test day by reading these tips on how to prepare mentally and physically for the biggest tests of your life.