How to study


The key to studying is to study not just harder, but smarter. Each person is different in what works for them, so it is important to understand what works best for you.  To be successful in your academic career, you must understand how to create a study plan, take meaningful notes, and be well prepared for your exams to strengthen your academic aptitude.

To better equip yourself for exams, links are provided below to pages that can help improve your study skills.

This page will provide types of study methods that help you to learn, retain, and recall the information you have studied.

Studying for exams in repeated increments over time to ingrain information into long-term memory ultimately prepares you best for your exams (especially accumulative finals).

There are many methods in note-taking, and figuring out which one works best for you is a crucial part of your study habits.

What are some great ways to quickly memorize information in effective ways? Here are some examples…

It can be hard knowing what is pertinent information to take out of a textbook, but by breaking the text down and creating a good reading method, you can better comprehend and retain the information given.

Preparing academically is not the only thing that is important to academic success. Click this link for some tips on how to be mentally and physically ready for the exam to come, as you take the exam, and post-exam.

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