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[wc_testimonial by=”” url=”” position=”left”]Support services for transitioning students from within or outside the U.S. related to language, background and/or cross-cultural experiences.[/wc_testimonial]

CLT encourages students in the academic rigor and cultural adjustment that occurs when coming into higher education. Students interested in CLT should enroll in the GST 1025 course Impact of Culture in the United States for 1 credit.

The CLT program is recommended for the student:

  • Who would like support transitioning into higher education
  • Whose primary language is not English
  • Who is from or grew up in an international setting
  • Who has parents who are missionaries
  • Who has other transitional needs

The CLT model uses creative interventions that put students on track and enhance their academic experience at Northwestern by:

  • Closing gaps in educational development
  • Mentoring students through the cultural transition into the role of student at University of Northwestern
  • Accelerating and practicing written and conversational English

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