Subject Tutor Information

Below is a list of subjects that have tutors available for academic support. To meet with a tutor, contact the ALPHA center by emailing or calling 651.628.3320


Department of Art and Design
Animation History
Animation III

3D Modeling

Department of Biblical and Theological Studies
Old Testament
New Testament

Department of Biology and Biochemistry
Concepts of Biology
Biology 1
Biology 2
Biology 3
Environmental Science
Health and Nutrition
Human Antaomy
Chemistry 1
Chemistry 2
Organic Chemistry

School of Business
Principles of Marketing

School of Education
Mathematics for Elementary Education

Department of English and Literature
Advanced Grammar and Syntax

Department of History
History of Western Civilization

Department of Mathematics and Engineering
Statics and Dynamics
Math for Liberal Arts
Quantitative Analysis
Engineering Physics
Mechanics of Materials
C++ Programming

Department of Music and Theater
Music Theory
Sight Singing and Ear Training

School of Nursing
Medical Surgical Nursing

Department of World Languages


Don’t see what you are looking for? Don’t worry! Please contact the ALPHA center program manager at or 651.628.3320 to request a tutor for your specific class.

The subject tutor list is always changing! This list was last updated February 2018.