Auditory Learning


[wc_testimonial by=”” url=”” position=”left”]Auditory learners absorb concepts or lessons by hearing and listening[/wc_testimonial]

Lectures are the best way for them to understand and remember things. They like to learn by reading out loud so they can hear the information and the way it sounds. Auditory learners often find themselves humming or talking to themselves when they’re bored. Professors and teammates can get upset at these students because they appear to not be paying attention, when in reality they have understood everything said.


  • Likes to talk and is good at explaining
  • Notices sound effects in movies
  • Reads slowly
  • Follows spoken directions well
  • Enjoys acting, being on stage

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In the classroom

  • Sit near the front of the class where you can hear
  • Ask questions
  • Participate in group discussions


  • Read flashcards out loud
  • Have test questions read to you out loud
  • Read textbooks out loud
  • Use word association to remember facts and lines
  • Repeat facts with eyes closed
  • Use audiotapes for language practice
  • Try a study group
  • Avoid noise distractions